Charles Wagner's Story...

"I started saving money the day I met her... I knew she was the one I was going to marry. After many months, I decided it was time to start looking for the perfect engagement ring for Madison. My family has a long history with David’s Jewelers, so it was the first and last place I went. I knew exactly what I wanted in my head, and Gwen and Matt helped make my vision a reality! We worked over the phone, through email, and in person for months making that flawless creation that now has a home on Madison’s left ring finger. I will never forget the day when Matt let me know the band was finished, and it was time to hand choose the middle stone. I couldn’t eat lunch; the anticipation was killing me! After getting a crash course from Matt on how to examine diamonds, we decided upon the perfect one together. I always joked with him- I’ve never had so much fun spending thousands of dollars! I couldn’t have asked for a more neighborly environment and personable staff to make this experience unforgettable.

Charles WagnerWhen Matt called to say my ring was ready, I think he was just as excited as I was! I had originally planned on waiting until the weekend, but I literally had it in my possession for two hours before popping the question! She was speechless and couldn’t stop smiling! To this day, I still find her staring at her gorgeous ring. Neither one of us could be happier! Thank you David’s for making every moment of our journey extraordinary!"


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