Stephen Szabo's Story...

"It was our one year anniversary on August 21st, but don't tell my wife I remembered.

I wanted to do something truly special, as every husband does, especially after being deployed. We had been married only 6 months when I climbed into the cockpit of my helicopter and flew away. She was very brave during the departure with minimal tears and a concerned smile whenever she could muster the courage. It wasn’t until I had been gone for three days that she told me we were pregnant. So while other newlyweds were bonding together to conquer their new lives, she was fighting it alone with a husband at war and a baby on the way. How could I reciprocate that much love?

The first time she mentioned a matching wedding band was when we purchased the first one. I wanted to get her the ring of her dreams, while keeping the price based in reality, and after speaking with Gwen we found what we were looking for. "The only thing better would be a matching one!" giggled my wife as I paid the bill.

So on our One year anniversary, I called David's to see if I could make some magic happen from halfway around the world. It took five minutes for Gwen to recognize my story, find my receipt from a year earlier, and place the order for the exact same ring. All my worries of making this moment happen, the fears of not being able to get the right ring and, let’s face it, the thought of having to figure out some other way to show her my love and appreciation when I knew that this way was perfect...all settled in 5 minutes.

To top it all off, they gift wrapped the ring and took it next door to It's Personal where it was hidden in a wine glass to create the maximum amount of surprise. She never saw it coming. I only wish I could have been there to see the look in her eyes as she opened the box.

She never stopped smiling the next time we were able to video chat, and I know she will be smiling when she reads this.

My hat is off to you David's, during a deployment full of worry, you have brought a memory of happiness to a soldier and his wife."


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